RaptorCow® is an entertainment and creative media company dedicated to providing exciting, intelligent, modern and fun content to our audience.  Video games are a common bond that bridge many demographics, unite industries, harbor friendships, and connect cultures.  It is our goal to facilitate these deep-rooted connections with awesome content around gaming.  


The RaptorCow® Network is a collection of scripted and live shows across mediums such Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and other paid streaming services to bring the best in gaming to our fans.  Shows include:  Let’s Play series of various video games, live episodes of The Boss Battle Gamecast, game shows and informative programs with experts in the gaming industry hosted by RaptorCow® CEO, Ted Edwards and the rest of our diverse team.

Our team, partners and streamers will provide gamers and those directly involved in the industry access to quality and compelling content scheduled regularly for a great viewing experience.  We have fun and engage our audience directly.  Their input is an integral part of the creation process of every show we create!   Our planned live events, live shows, conventions and gaming tournaments allow for a personal interaction that sets RaptorCow® apart from many in the entertainment and gaming industry alike.

RaptorCow - "GAME SMART!"