Founded by, Ted Edwards, avid gamer and former strength coach for professional athletes, Alien Genome® is an entertainment and media network with the goal evolving our culture and building a positive community through video games.  It achieves this by providing intelligent, fun and engaging content consisting of a collection of scripted shows, live streams, live events and game tournaments across mediums such Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and local venues to bring the best in gaming, education and positivity to the community.


Alien Genome® Entertainment is dedicated to providing exciting, intelligent, modern and fun content for our audience.  Video games are a common bond that bridge many demographics, unite industries, harbor friendships, and connect cultures. 

We are building a positive entertainment network, a community network, a network of change.  Our team will strive to break stereotypes and cultivate strong and positive communities.  We believe in the power of video games and entertainment media as a catalyst for positive change on a global scale.  It is our goal to facilitate deep-rooted connections with awesome content around gaming and eventually broadening to a wide range of subjects providing ALL who are interested an enjoyable and inclusive experience.  We are dedicated to supporting other people and organizations who share in our passion.

Life is FUN and EXCITING – our attitude will always reflect this sentiment.  With strong values of integrity and vision, we will continually push the boundaries of quality entertainment by encouraging interaction and creativity.   We believe in SMART entertainment and want to push the idea of "GAME SMART" and "Always Learn."


Alien Genome® creates quality media content, entertainment and community events via Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and at local venues allowing us to generate a platform for engagement and community interaction.  Shows include:  Let’s Play series of various video games, live episodes of The Boss Battle Gamecast, game shows, talk shows, podcasts, informative programs with experts in the gaming industry and much more hosted by Alien Genome® President/Creative Producer/Founder, Ted Edwards and the rest of our diverse team. 

We provide our audience with quality and exciting content scheduled regularly for a great viewing experience.  We have fun and engage our audience directly and their input is an integral part of the creation process of every show.  Alien Genome® hosts live in-person events, panels, live shows, conventions and gaming tournaments to allow for more personal interactions.  

Grab a snack, some friends and join the fun!

 Alien Genome® - “Game Smart” , “Join the Evolution”