Our Team

The RaptorCow® team members we recruit and build in our company fiercely adhere to our aim to break stereotypes and cultivate strong and positive communities through the power of entertainment media.  We believe in SMART entertainment.

We believe there is no substitute for hard work. Our objectives include the, molding of role models and leaders that can share their talents to others. The staff at RaptorCow® is willing to devote their time and experience to make a positive difference in our client's lives. 

Ted Edwards, M.S., CSCS, USAW, FMS
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Creative Producer / Founder



Within RaptorCow, Ted is responsible for the overall strategic leadership for the company.  He sets the strategy, vision and culture of RaptorCow.  He is also responsible for the implementation, partnerships and new business ventures ensuring RaptorCow grows and stays true to it's mission.

Ted is a true creative, possessing the ability to generate/implement detailed concepts, write scripts, stories, shows and content for games and other interactive media. Excelling in high and low-level conceptualization he rocks skills in game design and gamification that allow him to tackle most projects in the video game industry.  Ted is also a talented producer.  He can create programs from high concept down to finite detail.  While acting as head of a production pipeline on creative projects, he takes the lead and finds ways to balance deadlines with a quality end products.  "Get it done, but get it done the right way!"  


Ted was born in the Bahamas and has traveled throughout the world including China, South Africa, the Philippines, throughout Europe and Egypt.  Living all over the world has given Ted a unique and global viewpoint that has enabled him to create a company that works together with the community. 

Ted played many sports growing up and continued with football in college.  He earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Biochemistry/Genetics and his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics.  As a strength and conditioning coach and sports nutritionist, he has worked with top college, professional and Olympic athletes ensuring they achieve maximum performance.  He brings that same winning attitude and work ethic to RaptorCow.


Ted was exposed to video games at a very young age.  In 1989, he got an NES for Christmas and the rest is history.  From that moment, video games would be a part of his life forever.  In elementary school, Ted would stay up all night playing video games in his room and sprint into bed before his mother came into the room to “wake him up” before school.  He played everything he could get his hands on with his friends on their consoles the SNES, Atari, and N64.  Ted owned an NES, gameboy Genesis, Game Gear, PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4.  He also spent time coding his own video games on PC in BASIC, writing HTML websites at the dawn of the internet and frequented arcades.  

He had a tough time balancing his nerdy video game side and being heavily involved with sports - facets of is personality he hid from friends on both sides.  As he grew into a young man, a couple years into playing college football, he said “SCREW THAT!” and accepted himself for what he was – a “daywalker” able to exist in both worlds.  After a successful career coaching in professional sports he started RaptorCow, a video game consulting and creative media company.  Ted is fan of just about every game genre, but leans towards strategy, lengthy immersive RPG’s and story based actions games.  His favorite genre is RTS (when they made good ones) in which he was a competitive player on the international level in the Age of Empires games.   Ted loves old school games and can be seen streaming under his screen name Meatbed, a name that he has had for over 20 years.  

The RaptorCow Team


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