Founded by avid gamer and former strength coach for professional athletes Ted Edwards, RaptorCow seeks to become one of the most respected companies for entertainment and creative industries in the world.



RaptorCow is an entertainment network, a community network, a network of change.

We strive to break stereotypes and cultivate strong and positive communities through the power of entertainment media.  We believe in SMART entertainment.

Humans are social creatures.  Video games are a common bond that bridges many demographics.  We believe in the power of video games as a catalyst for positive change on a global scale.  Our goal is to provide ALL people an enjoyable and inclusive experience.

Video games are FUN – and our attitude will always reflect this sentiment.  With our values of integrity and vision, we continuously push the boundaries of quality entertainment by encouraging interaction and creativity.

We will always stay true to ourselves and our vision.  While others may generate content for clicks, we create shows with substance because WE like it and WE believe it serves our audience. 

Grab a snack, some friends and join the fun!


And just for fun, check out THE STORY BEHIND THE NAME RAPTORCOW


Forty-Four, LLC - Parent Company

RaptorCow® is a division of Forty-Four, LLC.  Forty-Four, LLC was founded by CEO, Ted Edwards and is the parent company of brands such as: The Athletic Odyssey®, RaptorCow®, and Edwards Elite Sports Performance