Episode 9 - The Game Awards and Gold Stars

"Video games can be a substitute for friends, trust us we know." 

Curse you Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  We are so happy that mess is over!   But hey big things are coming this week.  The Game Awards are happening and Ted is going!  We have lots to talk about with our guest Jimmy Vosler of Troll Bridge Studios - a real life Bradley Cooper look alike!  Of course we discuss an epic Broncos victory over the disgusting Patriots, how much cooler superman is than batman, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, THE GAME AWARDS, THE GAME AWARDS, THE GAME AWARDS, Gamification in life, Paintball, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Can Jimmy short circuit our boss of the week, GlaDos, the deranged A.I. from Portal in the boss battle?

Guest: Jimmy Vosler - Developer/Interactive Media Expert (www.trollbridgestudios.com)
Game/Projects: Impossible Video Game Quiz (http://bit.ly/1XH2s9L)
Unity Store Asset Package (http://bit.ly/1HGwqsD)

Interview Start:  (1:09:16)

Boss of the Week:  GlaDOS (01:39:02)

Topic of the Week:  Gamification and Life (1:53:45)

Emails:  (2:10:25)

Close Out Segment: "Mike, tell us a video game joke"


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