Episode 8 - Turkey Day Spreadsheets

"Google me, I'm kind of a big deal."

Oh how we love Thanksgiving.  It's by far the best holiday of the year!  What other day do you get an excuse to eat yourself sick and lounge around watching football and playing video games!  This week’s guest is Chase Bethea, Game composer and sound engineer.  We talk Thanksgiving day strategy using spreadsheets and analytics, blizzard’s new branding, Mark Cuban thinks esports are legit and is F***ing psyched, creating adult video game nostalgia, how to hand create sounds in a video game, our favorite Thanksgiving stories, tips on how to play open world games, bowel movements in Target as well how many times you should go #2 in a day….wait what?  Yes, did we mention this is a show LOOSLEY about video games?  After all that talk and laughter can Chase stop the laughter of the boss this week, the Joker?

Guest:  Chase Bethea - Game Composer/Sound Designer

Website: www.chasebethea.com

Boss of the Week:  Joker (01:16:04)

Topic of the Week:  Creating Adult Nostalgia

Close Out Segment: Jon's Games to Watch Out For
Centauri Saga (http://kck.st/1NOp7vp)


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