Episode 7 - Failure is an option

"I'm hungry for some tea and biscuits!"

Thanksgiving is around the corner, the Fallout is in the air, the Starcraft and Star Wars are shining brightly and Officer Peterson of the Burbank Police Department, you suck!  Jon put it eloquently, “So he’s a hallway monitor!”  Ok we feel better haha!  Now that we got that out of our system like every podcast or other video game medium, we have to talk about Fallout 4 and all the charming and/or maddening jenkiness it brings this holiday gaming season.  We have our first international guest from the other side of the pond, Justin French of Dream Harvest Games and explore his new game failure.  We also discuss, moving pains, a tiny bit of broncos turmoil, hamburgers, Ted not being pretty enough, Mark Cuban, Ronda Rousey, and the EA/Madden curse.   Can our guest use his skills to squash our boss of the week the Queen of Blades from Starcraft II? 

Guest:  Justin French (www.dreamharvest.co.uk)

Game: Failure (www.failuregame.com)

Boss of the Week:  Queen of Blades (01:24:20)

Topic of the Week:  The status of the Steam Greenlight Process

Close Out Segment: Ted's Top List - Craziest but GOOD burger toppings


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