Ep. 51 - A Unique Route to a Degree in Game Design - Vanessa Briceño

"Suck it The Flood!"

How many lawyers do you know that are also game designers?  After this episode the answer will be 1! My guest Vanessa Briceño spent time as a corporate lawyer who moved into the gaming space achieving her Master’s in Game design from NYU!  She is also a philanthropist who started an amazing full tuition scholarship through her family foundation, the Barlavento Foundation, for women in the gaming industry!  We get down to business and talk about things like story games, board games, mega man 2, woman in gaming and the challenges she faced losing her father and brother.  Can Vanessa utilize her judicial prowess to defeat this week’s boss, The Flood from Halo?

Challenger/Guest:  Vanessa Briceño – Game Designer
(www.twitter.com/vbsauce )

Boss of the Week:  The Flood (Halo) – (0:49:35)




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