Ep. 50 - Retro Game Customization and Craftsmanship - Ryan Spence

"I take shit and make it cooler."

Nostalgia for retro gaming is more prevalent than ever today.  This week’s guest Ryan Spence, founder of Ultimate Customs, sits down with me to talk just that!  What does he do? Ryan takes old-school gaming consoles, mainly the NES and turns them in to amazing works of art, customized with lights sounds, colors and designs!  Ever wondered how your old Nintendo would look if it were decked out like your favorite movie, band, tv show, wrestler or super hero?  Join us as we discuss the amazing process behind creating these masterpieces, retro gaming, the 90’s, the hip-hop community, adult nostalgia, the Patriots (eeew), and more!  Does Ryan have what it takes to design a strategy to defeat Rodrigo Borgia from Assassins Creed II in the BOSS BATTLE?

Challenger/Guest:  Ryan Spence – Founder of Ultimate Customs

(Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealultimatecustoms )
(Instagram:  http://www.instagram.com/ultimate_customs)

Boss of the Week:  Rodrigo Borgia (Assassins Creed II) – (0:57:54)




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