Episode 5 - Electronic Synths Rock!

Don't get caught with you pants down again Ted!

Halloween is behind us and video games season is now in full affect.  We are joined by gaming music composer Alex Cote as he discusses music in games and why electronic synths rock!  Also in theshow:  Ted gets caught with his pants down…literally, League of legends has a huge update coming, how to hide your Halloween candy, the broncos win again, the struggle of woman in games, and a lot video game music stuff.  Alex is a smart guy but this week’s boss, SUB ZERO presents his toughest challenge to date!....well figuratively….at least the toughest challenge he will face on this episode.

Guest:  Alex Cote (www.alexandre-cote.com)

Boss of the Week:  Sub Zero (01:30:36)

Topic of the Week:  Women in the Video Game Industry

Close Out Segment: The Sound of Gaming


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