Ep. 49 - Getting Excited about Indie Games! - Mark Soderwall


Are you ready for some high octane, energetic, excited, pumped up, full of juice and excellent indie game advice!  Well it’s here because that’s exactly what guest Mark Soderwall, CEO/Founder of Indie Game U brings to the episode!  Mark’s infectious energy stems from a long and successful career in AAA video games and recently turned Indie to help smaller developers with creating, launching and marketing their games.  We have a loud and boisterous talk about old school arcades, JUST STARTING, AAA vs indie development, having JUICE, TED Talks, video game art and more!  Can Mark leverage his gaming motivational mind to defeat Scorpion in this week’s boss battle?

Challenger/Guest:  Mark Soderwall – CEO / Founder – Indie Game U


Boss of the Week:  Scorpion (0:45:53)




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