Ep. 48 - From Wolfenstein to Game Design - Scott Fine

“What do you do when you’re 6’6”?  You design video games of course!”

What’s the first game you give your 3-year old to play?  I’ll give you a hint, it’s really bloody, you kill a lot of Nazis and ultimately defeat Mecha-Hitler!  That’s right, this week’s guest, Scott Fine, Creative Director of Diamond Raven Games started his gaming journey with Wolfenstein 3D at age 3.  Scott is a successful game designer and talks about his path into the industry.  We also chat about things like Destiny, band, the Tuba, grandmas gaming, how to design a game, and The Ace of Snakes?  Can Scott creatively find of way to defeat Pyramid Head in the Boss Battle?

Challenger/Guest:  Scott Fine – Game Designer, Creative Director – Diamond Raven Games


Boss of the Week:  Pyramid Head (0:45:53)




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