Ep. 47 - Women are Gamers Too - Pamela Horton

“RPGS, Drawing, and Anime – my ideal Saturday night!”

If you like to laugh and have a good time with video games, look no further!  This week’s guest is Pamela Horton – Gamer, YouTuber, host, personality, fellow nerd, streamer and media extraordinaire from Pamela Horton Gaming!  Her fun and playful style shine through as we talk about the awesome projects she’s working on these days including her new series, Drawesome Gaming!  Join in as we discuss, world of Warcraft, Nintendo, Woman gamers, overcoming stereotypes, creating quality content, RPGs and being yourself!  Does Pam have enough nerdy heart to defeat the Boss, Ganon from the Legend of Zelda Series?

Challenger/Guest:  Pamela Horton, Gamer, YouTuber, Host
(YouTube:  Pamela Horton Gaming)

Boss of the Week:  Ganondorf (0:46:45)




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