Ep. 46 - Supporting the Military through Video Games - Steve Machuga

“Stack the F$&% Up!”

The military has always held a special place in my heart.  We’re honored to have Steve Machuga, CEO/Founder of Stack-up.org a charity supporting active duty military members and veterans through video games!  Amazing stuff!  As a veteran himself Steve talks about what it’s like being deployed and the evolution of how Stack-up.org came to be.   We also dig into topics such as losing yourself in World of Warcraft, video games as therapy for PTSD, xbox achievement addiction and…..using romance novels as target practice?  Can Steve get locked and loaded against the Archdemon from Dragon Age in the Boss Battle?

Challenger/Guest:  Steve Machuga, CEO/Founder – Stack-up.org Charity

Boss of the Week:  Archdemon (0:48:41)




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