Ep. 45 - The Scottish Gaming Scene - David Ferguson

“We like playing video games but we don’t like bag pipes!”

It’s time for another edition of The Boss Battle Gamecast and this week’s guest is David Ferguson of Fool Boy Media.  He hails from Scotland and adds a little flavor to the show!  David is also joining the RaptorCow Team as our sound designer and composer so you know we have to give him the right of passage on the show! Join us as we talk about the Nintendo Switch, growing up gaming over the pond, how to find inspiration for music design, Shrek (of course), and the origin of the name...FOOLBOY?  Can David use his musical prowess to defeat the boss of the week, Dr. Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot?

Challenger/Guest:  David Ferguson – Fool Boy Media (FoolBoyMedia.co.uk)

Boss of the Week:  Dr. Neo Cortex (1:08:20)




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