(Reboot) Ep. 44 – Video Game Fitness – Scott Herman

“I run 225 Miles a day, climb mountains and lift heavy metal objects and I’m still outta shape…oh yeah, maybe it’s because I do all that in World of Warcraft.”

Hey! It’s a reboot of THE SEASON 2 PREMIER of the Boss Battle Gamecast is here!  Yes the long wait is over and we’re excited to bring you a new line up of guests, awesome boss battles and great stories.  We kick things off in Episode 44, my lucky number, with friend and fellow fitness expert, Scott Herman, founder and CEO of muscularstrength.com.  We get the party started with things like completionism in games, the famous question “how much do you bench bro”, fun fitness banter, online gaming, and who would win in smash bros.  Can Scott use his physique to out lift the boss of the week, Phanto from Super Mario Bros 2?

Challenger/Guest:  Scott Herman – MuscularStrength.com

Boss of the Week:  Phanto (0:48:08)




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