Ep. 42 - How to talk about video games - Efosa Okundaye

“It’s ok to love and hate a thing at the same time.  That’s what marriage and video games have in common.”

We’re back this week with a rockin episode!  I bring on friend and “rival” podcaster Efosa Okundaye the host of The Chronicles of Gamers podcast.  In this episode we break down how to podcast and talk about video games.  Why?  Because it’s what we do!  We also have a fun segment along the lines of Efosa’s show called “The top things to complain about in video games” and we definitely voice our opinions.  Come sit back relax and enjoy the old school video game talk with some new school tips on how to get out there in the video game content space!

Challenger/Guest:  Efosa Okunday, Podcast Host – The Chronicles of Gamers

Interview Start:  (0:03:55)

Boss Battle:  Rufus Shinra (0:56:59)

Topic of the week:  The Importance of EVO (1:08:31)




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