Ep. 40 - How to get a Job in the Gaming Industry - Marc Mencher

“You have to be ok with rejection to get a job…in that case, I’m all set!”

First things first…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM (JULY 7th) Ok back to it….Getting a job in any capacity is a skill in itself and the gaming industry can be even more difficult.  Thankfully we have Marc Mencher, the Game Recruiter and founder of GamerRecruiter.com on the show to give you tips on how to make your next job hunt a success!  Also returning in this edition is my friend Loren Segal to serve as co-pilot as we interview Marc and talk about wacky things like Mario 3 Speed Running, World of Warcraft Movie Reviews, Cleaning toilets, EVO and Street Fighter V on ESPN2, Esports, The Overwatch Competitive Update,  The Future of Kickstarter and more!  Can Marc recruit the support to take on a Big Daddy, the boss of the week?

Challenger/Guest:  Marc Mencher, Video Game Industry Recruiter

News and Interesting Stories:  (0:04:35)

Interview Start:  (0:28:44)

Boss Battle:  Big Daddy (1:05:10)

Topic of the week:  New Overwatch Competitive Mode (1:18:39)




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