Episode 4 - The Fro Yo Bros

It's a full house so someone is sleeping on the couch...

Fallout 4, Halo 5, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate - Oh my!  It’s that time of year and video games are here!  We welcome the whole crew to the show including the Fro Yo Bros, Mike and Rob Conrad to take part in our to our Halloween edition…ok we only talked about costumes a little bit but it was cool.    Learn more about Mike (our production assistant) and Rob (audio engineer) as they talk about growing up as gamers, what’s hot on the market today and our upcoming Twitch and YouTube shows!   Yes they are real life brothers who work at a frozen yogurt shop!  Can they band together and take down this week’s boss - Liquid Snake from the Metal Gear series?  Listen to find out!

Guest:  Rob and Mike Conrad - The Fro Yo Bros

Boss of the Week:  Liquid Snake (1:18:00)

Topic of the Week:  Positive or Negative Affects of Gaming on Kids

Close Out Segment: Mike Tell a Video Game Joke.


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Liquid Snake Episode Art By: Emilio Lopez