Ep. 39 - Video Game Animation Through Dedication - Joseph Coleman

“Catfish and Spaghetti…a true meal of champions!”

Corn bread, collard greens, cool aid, fried chicken, grits, catfish and Video Game animation!   This week’s guest is young and successful game animator Joseph Coleman the artist for the new game Cup Head!   Joseph hails from Mississippi and we discuss our Southern roots and the path to becoming a video game artist.  He talks about his struggles over-coming being a minority artist from the deep south where art is not normally seen as a career.  We also have fun nerding out way off topic with things like, The Steam Summer Sale, NES Games, Rubber Cement, Superman, Sega Game Gear, Ninja turtles, Art in Games, and Bleach Casserole?  Can Joseph find a creative way to dispatch Vaas Montengro in this week’s Boss Battle?

Challenger/Guest:  Joseph Coleman, Video Game Animator – Cup Head

Interview Start:  (0:04:44)

Boss Battle:  Vaas Montenegro (0:54:18)

Topic of the week:  Video Games leading to future technology (1:07:21)




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