Ep. 38 - Designing Narrative and Story-Based Games - Jean Leggett

“I have jokes about Elmo and Cookie monster that would make a sailor blush!”

What’s an important element of a video game?  If you ask anybody you’ll get a variety of answers but story will always rank high on the list.  This week I’m joined by Jean Leggett, CEO of One More Story Games, the studio that is revolutionizing the way authors and creators make story driven games with their new engine StoryStylus.  We discuss how to create great stories in games, dumplings – ohhh do we discuss dumplings, Will Wheaton, Diversity in the gaming industry, Cookie Monster, and Stand-up Comedy?  Listen as Jean puts her skills to the test in this week’s Boss Battle against King Dedede from Kirby’s Dreamland.

Challenger/Guest:  Jean Leggett, CEO of One More Story Games

Interview Start:  (0:01:57)

Boss Battle:  King Dedede (0:45:45)

Topic of the week:  Diversity of in Games(0:59:45)




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