Ep. 37 - In the Tavern of Professional Hearthstone - Terrence Miller

“You can be a professional card player on TV and NOT play Texas Hold Em”

We’re in the middle of E3 right now, but more to come on that later because Terrence Miller, professional Hearthstone player joins the show!  Terrence was most recently in the news for the racially charged comments on the Twitch stream directed toward him during his time at Dreamhack.  He easily overcame the adversity and did not let it put a damper on his amazing 2nd place finish, prize money and now top 20 status in the WORLD!  Listen in as we discuss a variety of topics in this Hearthstone heavy edition such as: the future of Hearthstone in esports, how tournaments work, what it’s like being a pro gamer and we have fun with a little “Hearthstone 101” Segment.  Can Terrence stack the deck against Sniper Wolf to make her fold in the Boss Battle?

Challenger/Guest:  Terrence Miller
Twitter:  @GFE_TerrenceM

Interview Start:  (0:02:58)

Boss Battle:  Sniper Wolf (0:49:52)

Topic of the week:  The Future of Hearthstone in esports(1:00:31)




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