Ep. 36 - How to Win at Games and Beat People - Tom Whipple

“I win, you lose, I win, you lose!...wars have started over less!”

If you are into game design, game theory, science or anything interesting really, this week’s challenger/featured guest is the man for you!  Tom is the science editor for the London Times and the author of a new book titled, “How to Win at Games and Beat People” – he’s kind of a big deal.  This episode is packed with more science than Barry Bond’s cool-aid.  Join us as we discuss everything from video games being evidence of us living in a simulation, the mathematical difficulty of Mario, AI taking over the world and….skipping rocks?  Yes we have a great time geeking out.  Can Tom form the correct hypothesis to defeat the boss this week, MAGNETO from the X-Men Series?

Challenger/Guest:  Tom Whipple – Science Editor, London Times/Author
Book:   “How to Win at Games and Beat People”
On Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1Xb1nLp

Interview Start:  (0:19:04)

Boss Battle:  Magneto – X-Men Series (0:58:12)

Topic of the week:  AI, the future of human evolution?  (1:09:28)




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