Episode 34 - High On Video Games

“I’ll pay you $15 a month if let me get my fix and do the same thing in this game over and over!

VIDEO GAMES ARE LIKE DRUUUUUGS…..yeah we said it….ok not really, we don’t want to start another early nineties “video games and violence” movement but there’s no question they’re addicting!  Our guests this week are Daniel Doan (CEO) and Raquel Hayner (Director of Marketing Systems) from Black Shell Media, a marketing company dedicated to helping indie developers get their games out to you!  We’ve roped them into a hard hitting episode where we tackle two serious issues: Racism on the internet and gaming community in the aftermath of the Dreamhack Hearthstone Tournament livestream as well as Apple’s censorship in games because they don’t like the content!  We talk about other stuff too of course like:  How to make a game addicting, live action video game movies, giant pancakes, astrophysics, Tencent’s new game console, how to market your game and much more!  Can our team apply enough SPF to defeat our boss of the week the Angry Sun from Mario Bros 3?

Guest:  Daniel Doan and Raquel Hayner (Black Shell Media)

Interview Start:  (0:32:34)

Boss of the Week:  Angry Sun (0:56:32)

Topic of the Week:  Psychology of Game Design (1:08:07)

Emails: (1:27:09)




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