Episode 33 - Fogo de Concept Art

“If you go to a business meeting and they ask if you’re there as a waitress…kick them in the balls”

A slightly shorter show this week but it’s still a good one!  We’re joined by Brazilian Concept Artist for games and media Michele Cavaloti.  She shares her struggles to success coming from a poor family, moving to Portugal to study, trying to find a job in a male dominated industry and now kicking butt for projects like The Angry Birds Movie!  We talk about women in games, Concept art, ice cream, gorillas, and much more!  Can Michele avoid getting crushed by barrels against our boss of the week, DONKEY KONG?

Guest:  Michele Cavaloti (www.michelecavaloti.com)

Interview Start:  (0:01:00)

Boss of the Week:  Donkey Kong (00:34:04)

Topic of the Week:  Women in video games (0:46:26)




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