Episode 32 - Shxx Happens!

“It was bound to happen sometime, but it still sucks when it does!”

Shxx happens is putting it lightly….Ummm yeah…we lost a recording….WOW, that sucks!  Oh well, the show must go on, so we’re going to do it again!  As Jon so eloquently put it, “We can’t go down like that!”  Back to it:  Nintendo NX going to cartridges?!  The end of Disney Infinity?!  Uncharted 4 is finally here, but we’re not talking about it!  No spoilers!  Join us as we discuss many things such as the EA/Madden Curse, the video game hall of fame, and Donkey Kong’s 35 year anniversary!  We’re celebrating with custom Donkey Kong T-shirts!  Grab yours at www.teespring.com/DonkeyKong.  Our guest this week is Sidney Fernandez, indie game developer and CEO of Trike Girl Studios.  Can Sid, flex his organic muscle against the organism hating Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank in the Boss Battle

Guest:  Sidney Fernandez (www.TrikeGirlStudio.com)

Interview Start:  (0:52:42)

Boss of the Week:  Dr. Nefarious (01:15:58)

Topic of the Week:  Should the gaming industry go mobile (1:29:22)

Emails: (1:44:16)




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