Episode 31 - Hyper Light LIFTER

Hey bro, can you pass the protein powder to put on my creatine sandwich?

We love music and sound in video games.  We’re joined this week by Akash Takkar, someone who knows a thing or two about the subject having recently done the sound for HYPER LIGHT DRIFTER!  Akash is an accomplished video game composer/sound designer, public speaker, teacher and entrepreneur.   Turns out he also likes the gym a lot too!  We talk about xbox indie promotions, HYPER LIGHT DRIFTER, Madden, Lifting, getting swoll, the influence of music in games, square-enix and their new creative projects, health in the game industry,…did I mention the gym?  Can Akash deadlift his way to a victory over the boss of the week:  Mecha-Hitler?

Guest:  Akash Thakkar (www.akashthakkar.com)
Twitter: @AkashThakkar

Interview Start:  (0:47:25)

Boss of the Week:  Mecha-Hitler (01:25:26)

Topic of the Week:  Health in the gaming industry (1:40:28)

Emails: (2:06:19)




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