Episode 30 - You Shouldn't Buy Tetris

"When McDonald's gets taken over by terrorists, it’s time to go!"

The podcast isn’t young anymore and we’re in our 30’s!  We welcome Boris Kondratenko as our featured guest this week all the way from the Ukraine.  Boris is a freelance artist, graphic designer, UI/UX designer for video games and other media who has an amazing story of escaping the eastern Ukraine a couple of years ago during the terrorist take-over.  We discuss his art, the Nintendo NX official launch date, Zelda pushed to 2017, Hearthstone, eating cow faces, boiled pig fat, Madden, 8-bit Armies RTS games, and Uncharted.  Can Boris outrun the bosses of the week – Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde the Ghosts from Pac-Man?

Guest:  Boris Kondratenko (IG: @flagius)

Interview Start:  (0:41:27)

Boss of the Week:  Pac-Man Ghosts (01:12:17)

Topic of the Week:  Lack of Internet Speed in the US (1:26:41)

Emails: (1:40:52)




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