Episode 3 - ViLas Vegas Buffets

There's no crying in war or game development!

The JTEG crew is back with our first indie game developer guest, Vilas Tewari, lead programmer, CEO and founder of Candescent games!  Vilas gives us insight to his studio’s first game, Tinertia, a sweet platformer out now on steam and coming soon to Playstation 4 and Xbox One.  We also get down and dirty about crowdfunding, creating your own indie games, coding in unity, Vegas buffets (OMG so good), the NX (Nintendo), and Riot games personality tests (wait what?!).  Come list to found out if Vilas can take down this week’s boss, M. Bison from the streetfighter universe!  

Episode 3 Breakdown

Guest: Vilas Tewari, CEO/Founder/Lead Programmer Candescent Games.  www.canplay.com.  

Vilas’s Game:  Tinertia – awesome physics based 3D platformer.  www.tinertia.com.  

Boss of the week:  M. Bison – Street Fighter Universe (1:18:09)

Topic of the week:  Crowdfunding and the inde scene.  

Closeout Segment:  Jon’s Games to Keep an Eye on.  Make your first video game in unity -  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bentristem/complete-unity-3d-developer-course/description -  

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