Episode 27 - Order in the Gaming Court

“Legally speaking if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s probably a brand new game”

Hey Hey!  We’re back in the studio with regularly scheduling programming and a guest, Johnathan Aloni, expert in video game law!  Johnathan brings years of experience in the table-top gaming industry and currently teaches game design students how to legally protect their games.  Join us on this judicially focused episode as we tackle the official release of the second big player in VR, the HTC vive, Atari games, table top gaming, Lara Croft Go, Sony helping disabled gamers, Oculus shipping woes, is “Xbox One.5” really happening, esports and more!  Can Johnathan hold court against the boss of the week, Death Adder from Golden Axe?


Guest:  Johnathan Aloni (LinkedIn: Johnathan Aloni)

Interview Start:  (0:44:03)

Boss of the Week:  Death Adder (01:16:37)

Topic of the Week:  Video Games looking down on Table-Top Gaming (1:29:47)




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