Episode 24 - Finish Him! Scorpion Wins!

“I play Mortal Kombat because of the beautiful images…of blood and guts”

“GET OVER HERE!”…and listen to this episode with guest Housam Cherif aka “Mitsuownes” professional Mortal Kombat gamer and one of the top Scorpion players in the world!   Hailing all the way from Germany he talks to us about MKX and the professional fighting game community!  A lot is going on this week with GDC and the works!  We discuss topics such as, Microsoft’s new cross network play feature, Rocket League basketball, Start Citizen (as usual), PlayStation VR price and release date announcement, AMD’s new VR headset, Maria Sharipova, fighting games, Mortal Kombat, Lupe Fiasco vs. Daigo and more!  Can Mitsuownes perform a fatality and win in his show down against King Pig in this week’s Boss Battle?


Guest:  Housam Cherif aka MitsuOwnes (Twitter: @mitsuownes)

Interview Start:  (0:45:36)

Boss of the Week:  King Pig (01:17:07)

Topic of the Week:  Celebrities Challenging Pro Gamers (1:29:43)




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