Episode 23 - The Original Game Designer

"I like making games because my games rock…basically I’m awesome"

Jon is back and we are in full stride once again.  David Mullich joins the show.  David is an Educator, Game Designer, Producer, with 30 years of experience in the gaming industry having worked on titles such as Duck Tales for the NES and the Heroes of Might and Magic series.  We talk about Microsoft’s new direction, RPGs, Dungeon and Dragons, Ready Player One, the NES, Lionhead Studios, E3, Disney, how to get an education in the gaming industry, steroids, the Olympics and much more!  How will David fair in a battle of the mind with our boss of the week, Psycho Mantis?

Guest:  David Mullich – davidmullich.wordpress.com

Interview Start:  (0:42:54)

Boss of the Week:  Psycho Mantis (01:19:09)

Topic of the Week:  Game Schools and Education (1:33:44)




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