Episode 22 - World of Warcraft Friends

"It’s has Gods and Powers and Chaos...so it HAS be cool"

Oh no!  We are Jon-less on this episode but we have a packed house in the studio!  Jonas, Kevin and Reza from newly formed game development studio VexaCorp join Ted and talk about their MMO project.  We discuss hot topics such as Sony VR Patents, the Division, World of Warcraft and how this studio formed by meeting in the game, Deadpool, Sweden, the Netherlands, the USA, Why West Virginia Sucks according to Reza, Super Mario World and the SNES.  Can the VexaCorp party come out of the raid alive as they take on Mother Brain in this week’s Boss Battle?


Guest:  VexaCorp Game Studio – Jonas, Kevin, Reza (vexacorp.com)

Interview Start:  (0:47:25)

Boss of the Week:  Mother Brain (01:31:46)

Topic of the Week:  The Challenge Creating Unique Games (1:45:42)




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