Episode 21 - ESL Gaming in PrimeTime

"Don’t break up with someone after going to Disney Land via text…"

It’s Episode 21 and it’s PrimeTime!  The Deon Sanders numbered episode and we sit down with ESL Gaming Producer Joshua Gray!  He comes to us off the recent successful MKX Season 2 Tournament and the WB reality show “Chasing the Cup”, both of which he produced.  ESL Gaming is one of the premier leaders in video games and esports entertainment in the world.  Come hang out with us as we talk about, Virtual reality and the HTC/Vive price announcement, Mortal Kombat, ESPORTS, ESPORTS, ESPORTS, dancing, Acting/Performing, Going to the gym and getting your swoll on, why Deon Sanders used to suck, the plight of the US internet and VIDEO GAMES!  Can Joshua flex his mental knowledge against Heihachi Mishima, our Boss of the Week?

Guest:  Joshua Gray – ESL GAMING Producer (eslgaming.com)

Interview Start:  (0:39:18)

Boss of the Week:  Heihachi (01:14:22)

Topic of the Week:  Lack of Internet Speed in the US (1:26:52)




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