Episode 2 - Buccaneers fans still exist?

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Wow, we made it to Episode 2 of Jon and Ted’s Excellent Gamecast!  Let’s keep this crazy train rolling!  We’re joined by friend and special guest Ed Trillo and discuss his 20+ year career in the gaming industry as an artist and art director as well as his strange love for the worst team in football, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!    Hey we can’t all be perfect.  Ed also tries his luck at defeating this week’s boss…Bowser!  Can Ed draw, create, paint, sculpt, render, and shade his way through this challenge to become the champion?  If his skills reflect his favorite team then no…clearly no, that would be impossible.  But listen in just in case a miracle occurs!



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Interview – Ed Trillo
Ed Trillo Break Down

Started in the industry in 1992, becoming the first 3D artist/animator at Interplay and Disney Interactive. In 2004, helped form a game-art company to leverage the growing international pool of artists. Later joined THQ, Vivendi Games and Foundation 9 to establish their respective central outsourcing divisions, driving the external art process for dozens of game developers.

In 2009, formed Mr3D to help independent developers build their external Art Production pipelines. The innovative and value-added service has proven to improve overall art quality, while reducing production times and costs.

Boss Battle:  Bowser (58:25)

Topic of the Week:  Virtual Reality (VR) and the next generation consoles
Close out Segment:  Ted’s Top Lists
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