Episode 19 - Streaming Our Heads Off

"The Broncos Win!  Time to stream Madden on Twitch."

The BRONCOS WIN!!!  SUPER 50 Champions!  AnnnnndDun Duh DA!  We’re twitching out of our minds on this episode as we introduce Tanner Charmatz!  Tanner is a streamer of 7 years and brings skills and a very relaxed demeanor!  We get him out of his comfort zone and discuss Amazon’s new game engine, Failed kick starters, Emojis, The adventures on Twitch, Penis Physics, The Closing of Game trailers, the End of intelligent human life and more!  Can Tanner shed some light on the subject as he takes on Dark Link in the week’s boss battle?

Guest:  Tanner Charmatz (www.twitch.tv/wolsk)

Interview Start:  (0:48:12)

Boss of the Week:  Dark Link (01:16:46)

Topic of the Week:  Female Streamers On Twitch (01:28:26)

Emails:  (01:49:39)




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