Episode 18 - The Witness, SuperBowl and Steroids

"If you take steroids you get huge arms but a small…"

Playing ‘The Witness’ on Steroids?  No no, that’s not a medical recommendation.  But it seems to be what we need with how much we are playing this game!  It’s also SuperBowl week so we gotta talk about football!  Join us as we discuss, The Witness (duh), the SuperBowl (Double duh), Steroids (wait what?), strippers (uh…yeah), booze, MMA, Drug testing, , Madden, Party snacks, X-COM 2, Energy Drinks, and more!  Justin Kauer is our guest, an up and coming game developer.  Can he manage to out run our boss of the week, the Yeti from Ski Free?

Guest:  Justin Kauer – www.kauergames.com

 (twitter: @kauergames )

Interview Start:  (0:56:11)

Boss of the Week: Yeti from Ski Free (01:13:10)

Topic of the Week:  Video Games in Mainstream Media (01:27:41)

Emails:  (01:35:34)




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