Episode 17 - Manly Spa Treatments (Jay Madrigal)

"Yay, no more Draft Kings and Fan Duel commercials!"

We’re men! And men like football, beer, UFC, Trucks and…facials?  Uh yeah, it was a pretty light week in gaming news but a few things happened like Ted getting a facial.  Our guest of the week Jay Madrigal, CEO and Founder of the gaming/ecommerce platform PrizeMonsters joins the discussion of our manliness as we tackle Sony Computer Entertainment disappearing, Facials/Manis/Pedis, Apple getting in to VR, Mighty No. 9 being delayed AGAIN, our favorite breakfast cereals, the SuperBowl and much more!  Can Jay summon the strength to defeat Saren Arterius (from Mass Effect) in this week’s Boss Battle?

Guest:  Jay Madrigal - CEO/Founder Prize Monsters


(twitter: @Jaymadrigal / @prizemonsters)

Interview Start:  (0:47:05)

Boss of the Week: Saren Arterius (01:20:31)

Topic of the Week:  Legality/Viability of Fantasy Esports (01:35:07)

Emails:  (01:50:46)




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