Episode 16 - The Ikea Retro Room

"Am I old if I can remember old school games when they were new?"

Ever wonder how many of something it would take to be considered as serious collector?  Try 5,300! That’s how many retro games from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s our Swedish guest Heidi has in her collection! Everything from the Magnavox odyssey to the super famicom and beyond, she’s got it all in a fantastic game room that is home to more than 20 old school CRT tvs and 200+ consoles!  Listen as we explore her retro obsession and talk about other randomness like Czech beer, Ikea, going to prison, the virtual boy, becoming a nerd, swedishness, death metal, being a Viking and more.  Can Heidi dish enough 8-bit punishment to be victorious in our Boss Battle as she takes on Dr. Wily from the Mega Man Series?

Guest:  Heidi (aka stopxwhispering)


(twitter: @retro_game_blog) (IG: retro_gaming)

Interview Start:  (0:54:52)

Boss of the Week: Dr. Wily (01:32:39)

Topic of the Week:  Future of Retro Collecting/Preservation (01:48:57)

Email:  (02:13:45)




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