Episode 13 - Best of Recap Ep. 0-12

You’re starting the year off right by listening to this cause YOU’RE SMART!  That’s right I said it!

Episode 13 –Best Of Recap (Episodes 0-12)

Happy New Year!!! 

How was everyone’s celebration? Hopefully it was great!  RaptorCow and the show have some huge goals for 2016 and we’re excited to bring them into fruition.  We’re launching the podcast on YouTube on our jtexgamecast channel.  Stay tuned for updates!  RaptorCow is starting a video show, bringing you cool content on games, let’s plays, highlights of game devs and unique projects in the industry.  We’re creating gaming conferences to bring gamers and developers together.  AAAAANNND RaptorCow is planning on the development and design of its first game project!  Designed by yours truly (Ted Edwards)!  We’re very excited

As you can see TONS to look forward to this year

What’s this “Best Of Recap” thing we’re talking about?  Ok every 15 episodes or so we plan on doing a recap or best of show that highlights our guests, the awesome people in the industry and their contributions, as well as great moments on the show.  Basically we do it because it’s really fun.  This is the first volume which recaps episodes 0, where jon and I talk about ourselves and you get to know us, all the way to episode 12 last week.

We’re going to highlight


1.      John and I and the beginning

2.      We talk football a lot – Great football talk moments

3.      Interviews – We have a variety of guests from different backgrounds all working towards success in the gaming industry

4.      The Best Boss Battles – **SPOILERS**

5.      A couple of the best topics of the week

6.      Some Random funny moments