Episode 12 - Kansas City BBQ FANatics

"Pre-Ordering means you hate kittens, babies and sunshine…"

Merry Christmas Eve!!! The long wait is over and Santa is loading up his sleigh!  Hope you’ve been good so he can bring you all the games and accessories your little heart desires!  In the meantime we sit down with Mitchell Cole, CEO and Founder of FANatics Gaming to chat about his reviews website and gaming discount service.  We also talk about Christmas (of course), blueberry french toast, Star Wars, BBQ!!!, holiday wish lists, our letters to video game Santa, Rick Fox, The Mark Cuban Esports League,  Canada sucking? , and the new Kojimi Productions.  Dr. Robotnik is in the house to challenge Mitch during our boss battle.  Can Mitch throw down and out wit this evil Genius? 

Guest:  Mitchell Cole - CEO and Founder "FANatics Gaming" (www.myfanaticsgaming.com)

Interview Start:  (0:49:37)

Boss of the Week:  Dr. Robotnik (01:16:15)

Topic of the Week:  Day One Gaming Purchases - Good or Bad? (01:28:20)

Emails:  (1:44:06)

Close Out Segment: "Jon's Games To Watch Out For"
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