Episode 11 - Princess Leia with a beard

"The main thing we remember about Star Wars is a golden bikini…"

Christmas is approaching fast and video games are still a thing!  We welcome guest Tim Porter, technical artist and gaming generalist to the show to talk about, Star Wars, princess Leia, Energy drink social media beef, Parappa the Rapper, star citizen (as usual), Nintendo 3rd party support, cos-play, Arnold Schwarzenegger and much more!  Our topic of the week shines some light on new ways to control video games in the future.  Does Tim have what it takes to escape the clutches of our Boss of the week – Dracula from the Castlevania series?

Guest:  Tim Porter - Technical Artist (www.timcoolmode.com)

Interview Start: (0:34:50)

Boss of the Week:  Dracula (01:06:57)

Topic of the Week:  The future of game controllers (01:18:36)

Emails: (1:36:40)

Close Out Segment: "Ted's Top List - Favorite Arnold Movies"


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