Episode 10 - School is in session!

"Awww man!  We got detention again!"

The gaming industry managed to squeeze in two more large events this weekend with The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience.  We go over a few highlights of the shows with our guest Charlie Trinh, former developer for Disney Interactive and founder of Game School.  Who won game of the year at The Game awards?  What’s the word on the Final Fantasy VII remake coming out of PSX?  What got you covered on this very special “Patriots-2-losses-in-a-row” holiday! We also discuss pork chops, working out in VR, being a boring live streamer, partying in the NFL, Ted’s struggle with all the new games, Final Fantasy VII,  and our topic of this week: Unreal vs. Unity in VR.  Wario makes an appearance as boss of the week in the boss battle – can Charlie show him who the real tough guy is?

Challenger/Guest: Charlie Trinh - Founder of Game School (www.game-school.com)

Interview Start:  (0:58:13)

Boss of the Week:  Wario (01:33:46)

Topic of the Week:  Unity vs. Unreal for VR Development (1:47:09)

Email: (1:59:58)

Close Out Segment: "Guess That Game!"


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