Episode 1 - Get a Klu!...we

What time is it?  GAME TIME!  EPISODE 1 is finally here!

It’s official, episode 1 of Jon and Ted’s Excellent Gamecast is here!  Joining the hosts for the premiere is as this week’s guest, is Ted’s friend Chris Kluwe.  Chris is a gamer, esports junkie, human rights activitist, amateur chef, sushi connoisseur and dad of the year candidate all in one!  Oh yeah did I mention he is a former Minnesota Vikings punter and holds many of the team records after an 8 year career?  Yeah he’s kind of a big deal.  The first show starts off with a bang as we talk about California Burritos, A possible PS4 Price Drop and the future of AR technology.  We put Chris through our interview segment and as always the guest must do battle against a boss in a test of mental fortitude and valor.  Can Chris use his amazing World of Warcraft Skills to champion this episodes Boss – Arthas the Lich King! 

The first official Episode of Jon and Ted’s Excellent Gamecast (JTEG) kicks off with a visit by Ted’s friend Chris Kluwe. 


Microsoft Buys Havok games
PS4 Price Drop
Shooty Skies
Video Game Proposal
Yelp for People – Peeple
Games Coming out Week of October 5

Interview – Chris Kluwe

Chris Kluwe’s Break Down
NFL Career: 8 years with the Minnesota Vikings, holds multiple team records
Music:  Plays base in his band “Tripping Icarus”

Boss Battle:  Arthas the Lich King (50:25)

Topic of the Week:  The future of Augmented Reality (AR)
Close out Segment:  Guess that game!

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