Episode 0 - Jon and Ted who?!

What do a blind developer and an ex-NFL coach have in common?  Video Games!

The podcast event of the century - The soft launch of Jon and Ted’s Excellent Gamecast!  We talk (for a long time) about nothing and everything in this episode.  You’ll get a preview of what’s to come, like all the special guests and indie devs we will have on.  Oh and if you’re an indie dev yourself, send us an email to jtexgamecast@raptorcow.com and we can get you on the show!  We explore the stories behind who Jon and Ted are, why they play games, and discuss some of their favorites.  You’ll also get a general outline and structure of our official shows each week.  So enjoy getting to know us in the pre-party to the official launch of the podcast!

Show Outline For Episode 1 and on (not this episode)


Just what it sounds like: we INTRODUCE you to how good the cheese chimichangas we ate at a great restaurant the night before, how many episodes of House of Cards we binged watched over the weekend and what sports plays had us like “WHOA”!


In our News segment we give you the 2-3 of the biggest news stories, our takes and a little context to keep you informed.  The majority of our news segment will be dedicated to smaller, under the radar stories and personal pieces on indie game developers.

Special Guest Interview

This is what makes our show…well, our show!  Each week we interview someone in the gaming industry, whether it’s a professional athlete who loves games, a twitch streamer, or a video game voice actor.  More importantly, we interview indie game devs and give them a platform to talk about their games and build our gaming community.


A segment where we challenge each guest to a battle against the weekly boss in a competition of wits, stamina and hutzpah!  5 Levels....one winner (ok that sounded waaaay better in my head.)

Topic of the Week

We bring a discussion topic to delve into that we think you will enjoy. (Topics are generally in the realm of video games, but things like parakeet baseball are not off limits).

Emails/Facebook Group Questions

We answer questions that you send in.   We can’t promise that we won’t make fun of you…

Close Out Segment

A fun game, top list, or other unique content that we infuse into your ears.  The Close Out segment will rotate each week!